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Ajax Relay is a convenient tool to help automate processes at home and in the office. This new device is designed to remotely control low power devices and free up fans of independent experiments and professional installers, who customers are always asking about “smart houses.” Relay capabilities Relay contacts can switch loads up to 5A with a range of 0-36 V DC, and in 110-230 V mains up to 3 kW. They are galvanically separated from the actual device, so they can be connected to input control circuits of various other devices, thus simulating a button or toggle switch. For 110-230 V mains, Ajax...

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Ajax System believes in a future where the Internet of Things and total automation win. But that doesn’t mean SkyNet. Home appliances have already learned how to save time and resources, allowing you to focus on things that are more important than turning on the water heater. Unfortunately, the last example can’t be done remotely. Unless, of course, you have Ajax WallSwitch at your side.WallSwitch is a 38-by-25-millimetre box that can be placed in a wall outlet. Inside there is a relay that works at least 200 thousand inclusions. At the right moment, it closes or opens remotely using a mobile application, activating or stopping the current...

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