Project Development

At ALD Security we have team of specialists that will help you and guide you through the planning, development, and installation of your security project.

We want your installation project to suit the needs of your client and to fit their investment. We are here to help you and provide guidance from the early stages of the project.
Our Project Development team will work with you to make sure that the installation meets the needs of your end client and capitalizes the investment. We offer to join you on visits to the installation in order to help you define and understand the needs of the client. We will assess you on the drafting of your technical and economic proposition. Plus:
  • We will conduct visits to the end client during the start and the development of the project;
  • We will help you draft the blueprints of the installation;
  • We will provide the necessary technical documentation for the development of the project.
Consulting and Planning

Personalized technical and sales support

Our Project Development team has vast experience in the design of security projects and together with our technical and sales teams we will make sure your installations have top quality standards.
The sales department will help you choose the products among our wide range of professional security products brands that will suit the development of your installation
The team of local products has experts on each of the brands and products and they will help you define the perfect solution for all the categories including CCTV, Intrusion, Access Control, Fire Detection and Video Intercoms
Furthermore, our large technical department will help you in the installation and startup of your project and along the project’s management.
Personalized technical and sales support

Custom and Personalized Developments

Our Research and Development department will be at your disposal to design, adapt and integrate your project’s security solution. Our development team has wide experience in the design, development and customization of projects.

Highly Specialized Pre and Post-Sales Support

Our product and technical support team will solve any query that may arise regarding the specification, installation and starting up of your project. Our staff is specialized on each product line, and our technical support team will attend your queries in a fast and efficient way.

Commissioning of the project

Final commissioning could be assessed if the project requires so, for which we have staff of technical personnel in the security market.