You won’t believe the shocking number of packages stolen from front doorsteps.

You won’t believe the shocking number of packages stolen from front doorsteps.

Millions of parcels are being swiped from under our noses – make sure it doesn't happen to you.

More and more people receive deliveries to their homes, so it’s no surprise to learn that the amount of parcels stolen has skyrocketed.

Nearly half (45 per cent) of UK adults are receiving more parcel deliveries since lockdown measures were introduced, according to research from ADT Fire & Security.

What’s worrying about their findings is that over 12 million Brits have had a parcel stolen from outside their home. This shocking discovery is even more profound in the capital.

A staggering two-in-five Londoners (41 per cent) are experiencing this kind of theft first-hand. This is followed by the West Midlands with 27 per cent revealing they had been a victim of delivery theft, and 24 per cent of people in Yorkshire.

Where’s your parcel ‘safe place’?

Many Brits (21 per cent) have also found their parcels delivered to truly bizarre ‘safe places’ by their delivery drivers.

Respondents shared instances of parcels being delivered inside fridges and flowerpots and even in or under pet hutches. However, parcels are commonly left in waste bins – two unlucky Brits even had their parcels taken away by the bin men!

This rise in parcels being stolen has been countered by a rise in extra home security. In London, 40 per cent of people are more likely to have extra security measures in place. Furthermore, they’re installing home protection devices, such as security camerasto keep their homes safe compared with just one in four (27 per cent) people nationally.

So if you’re worried about your parcels being pinched, take a look at these security cameras and smart security kits.

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