Why is Ajax better than cheap "Chinese" alarm systems?

Why is Ajax better than cheap "Chinese" alarm systems?

You shouldn't pick a cheaper device, if it doesn't provide the level of security of a high-quality professional solution. That's why, before you choose a security system you should make sure it meets the following requirements:
🚨 Can the system be connected to a security company for monitoring?
The most important quality of an alarm system is that Central Monitoring Stations only connect with certified and tested security systems, which have been tested on real buildings. Ajax has passed certification tests and it is monitored by security companies.

📏 What is the communication range between devices?
Usually, manufacturers specify the maximum range — in an open area with no obstacles. In a real building with barriers, walls and interior objects those numbers are unachievable. 2,000 meters of our communication protocol Jeweller ensure a reliable connection between devices throughout a 4-storied building. Just imagine the potential of a system with a maximum radius of 150 meters.

🔋 Does the security system have backup power?
A power cut shouldn't have an effect on the security system — devices should have an independent or redundant power supply. In the event of a power cut, Ajax Hub battery gives 15 hours of operation, and Ajax detectors can work for 5-7 years on bundled batteries.

2️⃣ How many communication channels does the system have?
Through communication channels users and the security company receive alarms. The more channels there are, the more reliable the security system is. It is important that they are of different kinds. Ajax Hub uses a wired connection to the router via Ethernet — nothing can jam it. And if there is a power cut in a building, the GSM network of the mobile carrier will work as usual.

📡 How is communication technology used?
Security experts all over the world don't like Wi-Fi — data transmission via this protocol can "pause" or even cease, and frequencies 2.4/5 GHz which they use get jammed in apartment buildings. Reliable security equipment uses 868–869 MHz frequencies (depending on the country), and this is the band Jeweller protocol works in. Also it enables a bidirectional connection between devices — it allows detector settings to be changed from the app, and to not only receive alarm signals from them.

🐈 Is there protection from false triggering?
False detector triggering lead to pointless visits on the part of rapid action teams — this is bad for your wallet and causes extra stress. If you have a cat, a dog or other pet, you need a detector which cannot be triggered by animals. Also, they can recognise complex interference — draughts, certain movements, warm air streams from the air conditioner. All Ajax detectors are fitted with intelligent systems that protect from false triggering.

🔔 How does the security system notify about an alarm?
Such procedures follow "the more the better" rule — even if you're travelling to another country, you will quickly receive a notification. In the event of an alarm Ajax users receive Push-notifications in the mobile app, SMS and a call — it is hard to miss all these notifications. And even if the security system is connected to a central monitoring station.

🗣 What do users think of this system?
You can search for reviews and read comments, visit forums and groups in social media. If the security system is worth your time, you should be able to find information in independent sources.

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