What is temperature compensation of the motion detectors

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What is temperature compensation of the motion detectors

Motion detector track the movement of the thermal object. The person and other objects for the detector are perceived as thermal spots. The sensor tracks these heat spots, and if they move, the detector will raise an alarm.

The motion detector reacts to the motion of bodies (heat spots) with the temperature close to the temperature of the human body.

In the case when the room temperature is approximately equal to the body temperature of the person, the correct operation of the detector is not guaranteed unless temperature compensation is introduced.

The temperature compensation technique is used in the following Ajax detectors:

This is implemented programmatically, at the level of the detector. The detector periodically measures environmental temperature  for the correction. The detector uses a table of correction factors, these coefficients depend on the temperature measured by the detector.

Correction factors are used at temperatures from 14°С to 42°С. These correction factors help the detector to detect the human movement at a close to human temperature environment.

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