What is Ajax?

What is Ajax?

Ajax is a wireless security alarm system for apartments, houses, and offices which can be installed with ease and managed via your smartphone. Ajax offers robust comprehensive protection with an instant response time.

Ajax will notify you and a security company in the event of intrusion, fire or flooding. The security system can control electrical equipment. It can be connected to video surveillance cameras, making Ajax ‌‌single security center.

Ajax main features:

  1. 🏠 The Ajax security system can provide comprehensive protection of a 4-storied building. If there are no obstacles, the communication range between the control device and detector is up to ‌‌2,000 meters
  2. Ajax can be installed quickly and easily — it takes less than half an hour in a two-room apartment. The devices can be connected by QR-code scanning — they do not have to be disassembled in order to fasten them with screws.
  3. 📱 The alarm system can be managed remotely via your mobile app— in order to change the settings you don't need to disassemble your devices or even be physically present at the building; you simply need an internet connection. You can track the current status of each device in the system.
  4. 🗣 Ajax can be used to independently control a premises — there are three kinds of notifications: Push-notifications, SMS, and calls (they can be flexibly configured). This way you will never miss an alarm.
  5. 🛡 The security system can be put under the surveillance of a security company at any time — this is professional equipment, meeting all the requirements of security companies.
  6. 🔋 Ajax is easy to maintain. There is an intelligent device self-diagnosis system. The bundled batteries last 5-7 years, after which you will get a reminder to replace them.
  7. 📈 Ajax is continuously developing — new versions of mobile apps and device software are regularly released. New features are regularly released.

Ajax Hub was named the best innovative product in spring of 2017 at the MIPS Securika exhibition. In November security experts from the Security & Fire Excellence Awards chose Ajax as the best security system of 2017.

Ajax has once again proven its status as the most awarded security system in Europe in 2018 - Expoprotection Awards 2018 winners, where the jury honored innovative system with the silver medal for Security & Firefighting Risks.

Seventy-eight contenders showed off their security equipment, drones, software solutions and protection equipment with only four winners, only one of which was a security system.

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Ajax is the most awarded wireless security system in Europe. It won “Intruder Alarm of the Year” at Security & Fire Excellence Awards, “The Best Innovative Product” award at Securika Moscow, silver at Expoprotection Awards, and became the finalist at Intersec. 

Ajax is a product made by Ajax Systems. The security system created from scratch: radio technology, design, software, applications, cloud infrastructure, and setup of production facilities.


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