Thermographic cameras to measure body temperature

Thermographic cameras -

Thermographic cameras to measure body temperature

We present new thermographic cameras for body temperature measurement. The cameras are capable of analyzing human body temperature with great precision and can therefore detect cases of fever instantly. These solutions are currently being installed extensively in crowded places (airports, underground, supermarkets, hotels, transports) as a measure of containment of COVID-19.

These cameras have a very advanced and powerful algorithm for high precision temperature measurement. It also incorporates artificial intelligence based on face detection. This helps to filter out any type of false alarm generated by other heat emitters (cigarettes, coffee, light bulbs, etc).

thermographic cameras to measure temperature with high precision


In most cases, temperature detection can be affected by the area where the measurement is taking place. For this reason, ALD Security offers three solutions adapted to different measurement environments and situations.

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometer

This system is ideal to use as a complement to the thermographic fever screening cameras, in order to be able to perform a second check if there has been measured a high temperature in the first screening.

The infrared thermometers allow you quickly, safely and accurately measure the temperature on a person's forehead. The infrared light makes it possible to measure the temperature without coming into contact with the surface and compared to other types of thermometers it is very easy to use. Just by placing it in front of the forehead of the person whose temperature you want to measure, you instantly get the result.

Portable measuring system

portable thermographic cameras

The first solution consists of a portable measurement tool based on a thermographic camera that has an accuracy of ± 0.5ºC at 1 m distance. On the screen of the camera itself, the temperature of the people passing in front of the camera can be seen in real time.

Within this range we offer the most advanced handheld thermographic camera for measuring body temperature. We offer two different handheld camera solutions: One with thermal lens and one with dual lens (thermal/optical). The latter makes it possible to identify the person in the visible spectrum while obtaining the temperature measurement. It also incorporates the possibility of monitoring the images in a PC software or through mobile app.

Dual thermographic camera and monitoring software

 thermographic cameras

The second solution is based on a dual thermographic camera for fever detection with the ability to measure temperature with an accuracy of up to ± 0.5ºC at a distance of 4 to 9 meters. The camera incorporates an algorithm based on artificial intelligence for face detection and an audible alarm that will be activated when the temperature measured on a face exceeds the pre-set alarm. This technology offers a price/performance ratio that is quite optimized within the field of thermographic cameras, as it is offering facial temperature detection and measurement of up to 30 faces at a time with very high accuracy.

There is also the possibility of incorporating facial recognition equipment, in case you want to perform additional searches and double checks. It would allow you to search by different departments within the same company or perform searches based on an image. In addition, it presents an intuitive user interface with the necessary temperature information for easy monitoring.

Dual thermographic camera, blackbody and monitoring software

camera blackbody

As a third solution, we offer an even more precise measuring system than the previous ones. This is based on a dual IP thermographic camera with face detection and body temperature measurement, combined with a calibration system called black body. The calibrating element emits a constant and precise infrared radiation that the camera captures and takes as a reference, and thereby remains calibrated at all times. In this way, the measuring system achieves an even higher accuracy up to ± 0.3ºC. This solution is recommended for the detection of fever with very high precision in areas with more people, reaching detections from 3 to 4 meters away.

thermographic cameras with high precision

From ALD Security, we want to offer highly reliable equipment from leading manufacturers in the professional video surveillance and security sector, so they incorporate the necessary CE certificates. These solutions are fully adapted to the needs of each of our customers. That is why we emphasize that the choice of each solution depends on the main characteristics we have seen above, to achieve the expected results. For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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