Special Event | Ajax systems: Comfort Zone

Special Event | Ajax systems: Comfort Zone

Ajax Systems has surprised their customers once again in its fourth Special Event: Comfort Zone.

In this event the company introduced a new line of products, as well as new devices and improvements that will provide greater comfort to the user.

Comfort Zone was broadcasted online in 19 different languages around the world and in person in cities in different countries such as Paris and Barcelona, bringing together hundreds of industry specialists, where we could see firsthand their impressions and share ideas about new products.

Special Event Ajax


Here are some of the new software and app enhancements and new devices presented during the fourth special event.

PRO Desktop 3.4

The new Ajax PRO Desktop 3.4 software update allows company accounts to create security system reports in a matter of seconds and remotely, avoiding unnecessary travel and maintenance. The report will have information about the system's safety devices and fire detectors. And what is very convenient: a brief conclusion stating whether the system needs maintenance or not. You can see the hub status, battery levels, connection status and other key parameters.

Ajax PRO desktop 3.4

Co-branding App for Ajax Partners

Ajax Ajax has developed the co-branding App for security installation and monitoring companies where customers have quick access to contacts and billing information. This replaces calls and payment reminders, as the company is connected directly to the customer through the app.

Co-branding App for Ajax Partners

New software features for better comfort

With the release of version 2.13.1:

  • Keypad codes for unregistered users: Allows a person or company to be assigned an individual access code in the hub settings, without creating an Ajax account.
  • Photos per alarm of any device: The PhOD detectors can take pictures per alarm of any device: an opening detector, a panic button, or another motion detector.

  Another new feature to be released with version 2.14:

  • Temperature scenarios:  Ajax devices that indicate the temperature in the app can trigger a temperature scenario and turn on the heating if, for example, the temperature of three detectors in the room drops below 15 degrees.


The LifeQuality is a professional monitor that supervises air quality. It is designed for indoor use and measures CO2, temperature, and humidity levels. Users will be able to see the current indicators, the history of several days, a week, a month, or a year. In addition, a LED indicator provides instant feedback on the level of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Temperature scenarios

Ajax interface design enhancements

Ajax Systems has included a new control tab for automation devices.There you can see all of the devices in a specific order, with the buttons comfortably accessible for users.In addition, several design and usability improvements have been added:

    • New color
    • Improved fonts
    • Increased cross-platform consistency
    • Created quick access to automation devices
    Ajax interface design enhancements


    The LightSwitch is a smart light switch that combines professional security technology with the best user experience. This device includes a tactile panel that responds to a touch or contactless activation to turn on the lights. With the soft LED backlight, it is easy to do it even in the dark.

    Automation scenarios allow lights to be programmatically turned on when Night Mode is activated, when the security system is disarmed, or triggered by an alarm to better see intruders and deter them.

    lightswitch ajax

    The product line also includes one-band, two-band, and two-way models, as well as frames of various sizes and colors.

    DIN Holder

    The DIN Holder is intended to fix the Relay or the WallSwitch to a DIN rail and include a passive ventilation that prevents overheating.The support button helps the installer to turn on the relay manually, with no need to remove it. It even has a special place for the antenna’s output.

    din holder ajax


    The WaterStop is a remote-controlled water shut-off valve. The device consists of a high-quality Bonomi valve and a powerful electric actuator that shuts off the water automatically, following the command sent by the Ajax app, a smart scenario or by physically pressing a button.

    waterstop ajax

    The valve will be available in three sizes: ½, ¾, and 1 inch, and is suitable for both hot and cold water. The WaterStop can be installed in a pipe with a water temperature of up to 120 degrees. In addition, the IP56 housing protection protects the device from dust and strong water jets.

    FireProtect 2

    FireProtect 2 is a complete line of detectors that provide a whole new level of technology in residential fire safety. Some of the detectors include a unique, patented smoke chamber with maximum protection against dust and impenetrable to insects.Ajax has launched a wide variety of detectors:

    • FireProtect 2 RB (Smoke/Heat):Smoke and temperature detector with replaceable batteries.
    • FireProtect 2 RB (Smoke/Heat/CO): Smoke, temperature, and carbon monoxide detector with replaceable batteries.
    • FireProtect 2 SB (Smoke/Heat): Smoke and temperature detector with integrated batteries.
    • FireProtect 2 SB (Smoke/Heat/CO): Smoke, temperature, and carbon monoxide detector with integrated batteries.
    • FireProtect 2 RB (Heat): Temperature detector with replaceable batteries.
    • FireProtect 2 RB (CO): Carbon monoxide detector with replaceable batteries.
    • FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/CO): Temperature and carbon monoxide detector with replaceable batteries.

    RB detectors include replaceable batteries and have a life of up to 7 years. In contrast, SB detectors have built-in batteries that have a life of 10 years, but when exhausted, the entire detector must be replaced.

    temperature detector ajax

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