Hikvision or Safire product password reset

Hikvision or Safire product password reset

For several years now products do not have a standard user name and password set by the manufacturer. This is done for security. Hikvision and Safire products are delivered "Inactive" and must be activated by the customer with the free SADP tool. With the SADP tool the specific data for your own network must be entered (such as a free IP address) and your own password must be set. After that the product becomes "Active". A product is never sent activated by us.


For safety reasons it is not possible to reset a product from Hikvision and Safire with for example a (hardware) reset button or combination of buttons. If the password has been forgotten the product can only be completely reset via a specific procedure via the manufacturer. The most common procedure is to export an XML file from the camera and send this file by email to our email. We forward this file to the supplier and receive an import XML file back. We then forward this file to the customer. The product may not be switched off after exporting the XML file before the import file has been reloaded.
PLEASE READ FIRST: There are two possible procedures for resetting Safire or Hikvision recorders, which procedure you should use depends on the type of hardware used and if the system is IP (NVR) or Analogue (DVR). In both cases the Device Search Utility (SADP) is required.

1) Install the Device Search Utility (SADP) from the Safire website:  SADP

2) Execute the device search to see a list of all devices connected on the network.

3) Select the device to recover and click on the 
Forgot Password link (bottom right).
If you are prompted to Export a file which will be generated the use Procedure 1 (Steps 4-8), if you are prompted for a Security Code the use Procedure 2 (Steps 9 -13)
Procedure 1:
4) You have been prompted to Export a File. Click Export then choose the directory path where the file will be saved and confirm.

5) The file will be downloaded to your PC. You should now e-mail this file to: info@aldsecurity.co.uk. We will generate a reset-patch file and return this to you as soon as possible. Do not switch the recorder off while waiting for the reset-patch file.

6) Once you receive the file from Safire you need to Import this file to the same recorder. Follow steps 1 through 3, then select the folder icon under Import File and select the reset-patch file.

Import file – select the reset-patch file received from Safire

7) Input the new Password for the recorder and repeat this in the Confirm Password field. The passwords must be identical, if not you cannot continue.

8) Confirm the Importation and wait for the file to be uploaded. Your recorder’s password has now been reset.

IMPORTANT: Once you send the files the recorder should not be switched off! If the recorder is switched off while waiting for the unlock recovery password then the process will have to be repeated.


With many suppliers the reset procedure is a paid service. Unfortunately we also need to charge the cost of the reset to our customers. In order to avoid unnecessary costs it is therefore important to enter the desired password correctly when activating the camera and not to forget it.

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