How to transfer settings and devices from one hub to another

How to transfer settings and devices from one hub to another

Ajax security system allows the transfer of user data, settings, and connected devices between hubs operating on OS Malevich 2.9 or later. Use this feature to switch to a new hub without connecting each device separately and reconfiguring the system. This feature will also be useful if you need to resume the security of the object quickly, but your hub is out of order: settings can be transferred from the hub, which is offline.

The time it takes to import data to a new hub depends on the number of connected devices and the specified detector ping interval: the longer the interval, the longer the process will take. On average, it takes no more than 15 minutes. Keep in mind that while transferring data to a new hub, the security system cannot be armed.

The Internet connection configuration and monitoring station settings console do not transfer. Therefore, if your security system is connected to a central monitoring station, do not import data without the security company’s awareness.

During importing, all settings and data on the new hub will be deleted: they will be replaced by the former hub’s data. The security system notifies users who have access to the notification feed about choosing hubs for data transfer, starting and finishing the import process.

Before starting

  1. Make sure the hubs are compatible. Data import is possible only to the hub of the same model or its advanced version. For instance, data from Hub can be transferred to Hub or Hub Plus. You cannot transfer data from Hub Plus to Hub.

    Hub Compatibility Chart

    New hub 👉 Hub Hub Plus Hub 2 Hub 2 Plus 
    👇 Former hub
    Hub + + + +
    Hub Plus + +
    Hub 2 + +
    Hub 2 Plus +
  2. Connect the new hub to the network and add it to the Ajax app following the user manual.
  3. Check the OS Malevich version on both hubs. Data import is possible only to a hub with the same firmware version or higher. For instance, data from a hub running on OS Malevich 2.9 can be transferred to a hub with OS version Malevich 2.9 and higher. It is not possible to transfer data from OS Malevich 2.10 to OS Malevich 2.9.

    If the OS Malevich version of your hub is lower than 2.9, check if you have automatic updates enabled. To do this, go to the menu: Devices   Hub  Settings   Service.

  4. Make sure you are the administrator of both hubs. You can check this in the hub settings (Devices   Hub  Settings   Users).
  5. Place the new hub next to the former one so that all devices connected to the former hub can easily communicate with the new one.
  6. Ensure that the hubs are not armed, are not updating the firmware, and are not already involved in the data transfer process. You can check this in the Ajax app.

How to import data

  1. Open the Ajax app and choose the hub to which you want to import data. Click on the hub, then on the  icon to go to its settings.
  2. Go to the Data Import menu.
  3. Following the on-screen instructions, choose the hub that will be used as the data source by clicking on the Select Data Source button.
  4. Check the list of devices and settings that will be transferred to the new hub.
  5. Switch off the hub selected as the data source and click Start Import.
  6. After import starts, user data, settings, and the part of the devices will be transferred automatically. To transfer control devices (SpaceControl or Button), you will need to click any button twice on them, while being in the coverage area of ​​the new hub’s radio network or ReX range extender to which they are connected. The app will notify you to do this during the transfer process.

    You can stop the data import process by clicking the Stop button. Interrupting the process does not threaten the safety of data on the hubs, but devices that have not been transferred should be connected manually.If you exit the app or receive an incoming call during data transfer, this will not affect the import process. You can return to it by going to the hub settings — the Data Import menu.

  7. Once the transfer process finished, the system will notify you of the successful completion of data import. If some devices have not been transferred, you can manually connect them according to the standard procedure specified in the user manual.

What to do with the former hub

The configuration of the hub that was used as the data source during import will be saved, however, devices will gradually lose communication with it. If you have successfully transferred all the settings and devices, and there is no important data left on the hub, we recommend resetting it to the factory settings. This will help to avoid errors of users who have both hubs available in the app.

How to reset your hub to the factory settings

  1. Switch on the former hub after data transfer is complete.
  2. Go to the user management menu (Devices   Hub  Settings   Users) and delete all users by clicking Delete user in Settings  of each account.
  3. Reset the hub to the factory settings by holding the power button for more than 30 seconds – the Ajax logo on the hub will flash red.
  4. Remove the former hub from the account.

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