How the Ajax security system works

How the Ajax security system works

Ajax Hub is the brain behind the security system. Detectors, sirens, keyboards, and key fobs are connected to it by radio communication. The Hub tranfers user commands to devices: go to security mode, change operation mode, enable testing and others. It regularly checks the state of minor devices in order to be aware of the status of each system element.

Structure of the Ajax security system

Hub responds to threats to the security system and protected building. If at least one detector raises the alarm, Hub activates the sirens and immediately notifies users and the security company. For this it has two communication channels: wired Ethernet and wireless GSM; two kinds of connection with the security company: direct and redundant via the Ajax Cloud server; three kinds of user notifications: Push, SMS and calls.

Hub is powered from the electrical grid but is fitted with a redundant battery lasting ‌‌15 hours. It has a robust lid and extremely reliable software — Hub OS Malevich (learn more in ‌‌this article about the features of this operational system).

Hub is in continuous connection with Ajax Cloud server, which solves several important tasks: 

  1. It allows Ajax to be configured and managed, even if you are thousands of kilometers away.
  2. It controls the integrity and operation of the system.
  3. In a matter of seconds users and the security company are informed that the alarm has been activated, and also about any change to the system status.
  4. It updates hub software, increasing the reliability, robustness, and functionality of the security system.

The Jeweller wireless communication protocol allows up to 99 Ajax devices to be connected to the hub in any combination: security, anti-fire, and anti-flood detectors; ‌‌‌‌sirens; keyboards and key fobs; power management relay. They prevent robbery, notify you about fire or burst pipes, allow you to manage lighting and electrical equipment using your phone.

Also, the security system can be connected to up to 10 video surveillance cameras supporting RTSP-protocol — no limits for brands or models. The Ajax app streams video in real-time. For file storage, you can use a DVR or cloud video surveillance service.

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