UrFog Ajax Ready 400 m3

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UrFog is the most innovative and powerful anti-intrusion system on the market.
A team of professionals and engineers with more than 20 years of experience guarantee continuous development of new products designed to provide optimal protection for any environment.

UrFog Ajax Ready FPU03ESM400A covers up to 400 m3 in 46 seconds.

3 activation modes of the fogging system 💨

1 - Motion PIR sensor, Door / Window sensor 🪟

By motion detection and/or door/window opening detection - the fog emission is automatically activated.

Motion PIR Sensor, Door / Window sensor


2 - MotionCam - photo verification 📸

The MotionCam PIR takes a series of animated pictures and sends them for an accurate assessment of the situation; in case of actual need, not a false alarm, the fog emission can be activated remotely.

MotionCam - photo verification

3 - Anti-panic or anti-robbery 🚨

It is possible to activate manually the Fogging System, thank to the key fob with SpaceControl anti-panic button, the DoubleButton emergency button and the Button anti-panic button, when the system is not armed.

Ajax Panic Control button

Features 🚀

  • Ajax Ready Fog Generator
  • Generates 400 m3 of fog with zero visibility in 60"
  • 2 Ajax Relays (For arming and for executing) integrated in the machine
  • Signal Buzzer
  • LED visual signaling
  • Output 12VDC 300mA for external peripherals
  • Battery Back-up possibility (12VDC 2.0Ah)
  • Shooting time adjustable up to 40 s
  • Total launching time 1.5 min
  • Total launching volume 850 m3
  • Green Power technology for low consumption
  • White colour
  • 390 (H) x 300 (W) x 130 (D) mm 

Specifications 🤓

Ajax Relays 2 units already installed (for arming and executing)
Fog coverage 1200 m3 (visibility 1 meter)
400 m3 (zero visibility)
Fog Dispensing Time Configurable up to 40 seconds
Total Dispensing Time 1.5 minutes
Total Quantity Dispensed 3825 m3 (visibility 1 meter)
1275 m3 (zero visibility)
Tank Capacity 0.75 L
Refill method Easy-to-install single-use bag
Heating Time (100%) < < 60 min
Reaction Time 200 ms
Inputs 1 Arm Control / 1 Shot Control
Outputs Failure, Liquid and 12V@0.3A
Power AC 220 V
Nominal power consumed when armed 280 W / 48W
Backup Battery 12V/2Ah (not included) / 60' for backup operation without primary power supply
Dimensions 390 (H) x 300 (W) x 130 (D) mm
Weight 8.5 Kg with full tank
Installation type Vertical or horizontal

Package includes 📦

  • Fog generator UrFog
  • Instructions for use and assembly
  • 2 Ajax relays
  • 1 fluid refill


UrFog Manual

UrFog Brochure