Anviz FaceDeep 3 Access Control and Time & Attendance

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FaceDeep 3 is powerful facial and RFID recognition system for Time and Attendance and Access Control.

FaceDeep 3 series are the new AI-based face recognition terminal equipped with a dual-core based Linux based CPU and the latest BioNANO® deep learning algorithm. It supports up to 10,000 dynamic face database and rapidly recognize users within 2M(6.5 ft) in less than 0.3 seconds and customizes alerts and a variety of reporting for no-mask wearing.


Powered by Independent AI Engine and BioNANO Deep Learning Algorithm
- GOPS NPU 600
- Dual-Core 1.0GHz
- Face Recognition Speed <0.3 S

System Operation Scenario

Facial recognition and mask-wearing checked by the FaceDeep 3 all at once. After the scan, the information redirects to the administration via both CrossChex App and CrossChex Web software. Face Deep3 without mask

Face Deep3 with mask

Secure Identification in Various Environment and Conditions

With the verification of over one million faces around the world, FaceDeep 3 has become one of the most accurate face recognition terminals suitable for various environment and conditions.

Anviz Faces

Ergonomic Design for Convenience

Flexible installation to support the extended height range [ 120 - 190 cm(47.24 - 74.80”)] for face recognition

 Face Deep 3 Installation height

Features 🚀 

  • Identification Modes: Face, card, password multiple ways to choose, convenient, flexible and safe to use

  • Attendance Status: User-defined function keys to switch attendance state, meeting multiple identification needs

  • Card: Standard EM, Optional Mifare in PRO version

  • Open the Door Remotely: Remote opening through network and software management

  • Security: Security incident monitoring and alarm

  • Access Control Interface: Support Relay Output, Wiegand26/34 Input and output, magnetic, etc.

  • Infrared Sensing: Infrared sensor activation

  • U Disk Download: Support U disk, user information record backup and firmware upgrade

  • Multi-language: Support Global Multilingual Display

Specifications 🤓

Operating system Linux
5″ TFT Touch Screen Resolution 720*1280
Face detection Dual camera
Identification time < 300ms
Capacity Up to 6.000 faces and / or RFID cards
Records Up to 100.000
Time & Attendance Modes Up to 8 customizable modes
Verification distance 0.5 ~ 1.5m ( 19.69 ~ 59.06” )
Identification modes Facial (F), Card (C), Password (P)
Proximity card EM RFID (125KHz),  13.56 MHz Mifare (PRO version - on request)
PC communication
RS485, TCP/IP, RS232, Wi-Fi, (WebServer available), Bluetooth in PRO version (on request), 4G in custom version (on request)
Inputs Door sensor and Push button
Outputs Wiegand / Anviz, Relay output NO / NC, Doorbell
Free software ANVIZ CrossChex
Power supply DC 12V 2A
Temp. operation -5℃~60℃ 23℉~160℉
Dimensions 14.6*16.5*3.4 cm 5.75*6.50*1.34”

System Configuration Diagram

Flexible communication for WiFi or Lan. Convenient management for Web-server and PC software.

FaceDeep3 setup

Cloud deployment (Crosschex Cloud)

Anviz Cloud deployment


Anviz FaceDeep 3 Flyer

Anviz FaceDeep 3 QuickGuide

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