Anviz C2 KA

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Outdoor RFID Access Control Terminal

Anviz C2 KA

Anviz C2 KA is a traditional RIFD access control device. With the creation of C2 KA, Anviz has now one more comprehensive application. Based on high-speed ARM CPU and Linux system platform. C2 KA gives the ability to deliver a fast matching speed and rapid responses while handling large amounts of data. The C2 KA features RS485, Bluetooth, WiFi and IP-based system topology and PoE offers PoE extra flexibility in designing your security system, while reducing cost on installation and maintenance. Featuring IP65 rated protection, the whole C2 KA body has been comprehensively sealed against invasive dust and liquid, ensuring that C2KA will operate with unmatched reliability in all types of conditions and installations.

Features 🚀  

    • Standalone access control reader
    • Identification by EM RFID and MF cards, PIN and/or combinations of EM RFID and MF cards
    • Capacity 10.000 cards/passwords and 100.000 records
    • TCP/IP communication, WiFi, Bluetooth and RS485
    • Integrated controller (Door sensor, Push-button & Relay)
    • Suitable for exterior IP65
    • Standard PoE
    • ANVIZ CrossChex complete management software included
    • Management of users and openings from CrossChex App available for iOS and Android with Bluetooth

    Specifications 🤓

    Brand Anviz
    Model C2KA-BT-WIFI
    Processor Industrial High Speed CPU
    Identification time < 0.5 sec
    Capacity Up to 10.000 cards or passwords
    Records 100.000 registers
    Identification modes Card, PIN and/or combinations
    Password Up to 10 digits
    Proximity card EM RFID (125 kHz) and MF (13.56 MHz)
    PC communication TCP/IP, WiFi, Bluetooth and RS485
    Inputs Door sensor, opening push button, Wiegand IN
    Outputs Relay output NO/NC, Wiegand OUT
    Voices Spanish, English, French and Portuguese
    Change of language via WebServer with browser
    Protection Suitable for exterior IP65
    Temp. operating -10 ºC ~ +60 ºC
    Power DC 12 V / 150 mA máx.
    Standard PoE IEEE802.3af
    Dimensions 50 (W) x 159 (H) x 20 (D) mm
    Weight 450 g

    Anviz C2 KA Manual

    Package includes 📦

    • Anviz stand-alone access device
    • Installation material
    • User instructions