AJAX WaterStop

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Remotely controlled water shutoff valve

Ajax WaterStop

Operates up to 3 years without battery replacement
Up to 1100 m communication range
Is controlled using the mobile app

Principle of operation ⚙️

The WaterStop tap allows you to remotely shut off the water supply in the room under the control of the Ajax security system. The device combines a high-quality Bonomi Industries valve and an electric actuator with a control unit. The faucet to control the water supply is connected to the control panel via the secure wireless Jeweller protocol. WaterStop can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world, simply by having access to the Internet. Ajax's applications for PC and mobile phones allow you to check the status and change the position of the valve at any time. The water stop valve from Ajax WaterStop will automatically turn off the water in 5 seconds on the alarm of the LeaksProtect water leakage sensor or another water leakage sensor. At the time of an alarm, all users connected to the system and the security company will receive a notification about the alarm and the activation of the scenario. In addition to the scenario in case of leakage, it is possible to set the shutdown of water at a certain time or at the time when the security system becomes armed.

Features 🚀

The water stop valve is available in black and white. The device is compatible with pipes for supplying cold and hot water. To shut off the water, an electric drive is used, which is protected from overheating and can operate at temperatures up to 60 °C at the installation site. The built-in tamper alarm reports an attempt to tear the case off the mounting platform. The WaterStop faucet works with the Jeweller wireless communication protocol, which allows communication with the security system control panel at a distance of 1100 m in the absence of obstacles. Management and configuration take place remotely using Ajax applications. Jeweller radio technology provides two-way communication between the alarm central and the water shut-off valve and protects the device from forgery with block encryption with a floating key. Also, notifications to the application are sent instantly. The applications for PC and smartphones also display the current status of the tap to shut off the water: open/closed, the status of the battery charge, external power supply, and communication with the control panel
The radio signal strength is automatically adjusted to reduce power consumption and radio interference.

RF hopping is used to prevent radio interference and jamming. Loss of communication is detected within 36 seconds, this time depending on the settings of the communication technology. The valve is equipped with an input for an external power supply of 9 V⎓, the Bonomi Industries valve is included. And it works with a temperature range from +5°С to +120°С. With the help of the valve, the water is blocked in 5 seconds. This value may increase due to contamination of the shut-off valve. To manually shut off the water supply in emergency situations, there is a lever on the platform. Water supply control does not require tools. For manual control, there is a button on the body of the electric drive, when pressed, the shut-off valve opens/closes. LED indication using the color of the LED backlight of the Ajax logo indicates the state of the drive.

Batteries 🔋

No additional cable routing is required: WaterStop is autonomous and does not depend on the 110 or 220 V~ grid. With a 3-year battery life and no wires, the installation process takes much less time and effort. Ajax apps will notify an installation engineer and users about the low battery level in advance. The batteries are replaceable — so after three years, the installer pops the new ones, and WaterStop continues to operate as usual.

Ajax WaterStop

External Power Supply 🔌

When a constant shut-off valve operation is required or the installation place uses extreme temperatures, the batteries can discharge faster. An option to connect a 9–12 V⎓ power supply will come in handy, eliminating frequent battery replacement and reducing service costs. And the pre-installed batteries will serve as a backup, so even in a power outage WaterStop continues to operate without any problem.

Ajax WaterStop


Available Scenarios 🪄

WaterStop is a part of the Ajax ecosystem. Using scenarios , it can interact with automation devices and PhOD detectors of the MotionCam lineup. Whether it’s a minor water leak or a massive flooding, WaterStop shuts off the water in a matter of seconds. At the same time, MotionCam (PhOD) sends pictures to Ajax apps to identify what causes the water leak and assess the possible damage. And to prevent emergencies, automatic water supply control will turn off the water when no one is using it - a reliable combination of security and automation that runs like a Swiss watch.

  • Responds to water leakage sensor alarms.
  • Can change the security mode.
  • Performs scheduled activities.
  • Fires when a Button is pressed.
  • Works on temperature.
  • Activated by pressing LightSwitch.

Installation and set up 👨‍🔧

The design of the WaterStop water shut-off valve allows you to mount, maintain and repair devices in hard-to-reach places: a mine, a technical box, a wall, etc. You can replace the drive unit without dismantling the shut-off valve. The actuator can be removed from the valve without tools. The WaterStop valve is designed for indoor use. To install the shut-off valve, you need to contact a plumber.

Ajax WaterStop