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Wireless outdoor motion detector with intelligent protection against false alarms. The device operates at low temperatures and is protected against dust and splashes

Detects movement at a distance up to 3–15 meters
Ignores pets with a height of up to 80 cm
Operates up to 5 years without battery replacement



Accurately detects people 👫

LISA turns MotionProtect Outdoor into a formidable barrier for intruders. The digital algorithm accurately identifies the movement of a person while ignoring animals, swaying of trees and plants as well as birds and insects that land on the detector.

Ignores all unimportant events 🍂

LISA analyses the similarity of signals originating from two detectors in two stages. If the signals appear similar during the first stage but the detected similarity is insufficient to trigger an alarm, the comparison of the spectral components is initiated. The latter prevents cases when trees and bushes sway simultaneously in the detector’s field of view.

Prevents intrusions invisible with the naked eye 👁

The MotionProtect Outdoor features the maximum possible protection for outdoor detectors. The anti-masking function, which in on around the clock by default, detects installation of barriers, pasting over, application of paint or transparent coating on one or two lenses. The integrated tamper alarms if the dust- and moisture-proof detector body is opened.

Ready to operate straight out the box ✅

Ready to operate straight out the box: the battery is already installed, therefore there is no need to disassemble the detector. With one click, it can be connected to the hub in the mobile application. It can be mounted on the SmartBracket in just a few minutes.

MotionProtect Outdoor Manual


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