AJAX KeyPad TouchScreen

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Wireless keypad with touch screen to control an Ajax system.

Ajax KeyPad TouchScreen

The device activates the full security mode by pressing one button
If the robber tries to enter the code, a hidden alarm signal can be sent to the Central Monitoring Station
The keypad is blocked automatically if the incorrect code is entered too many times

Convenient Ajax system control ⚙️

KeyPad TouchScreen combines security and smart home device management. An intuitive Ajax app-like interface and multiple language options make it an easy-to-use solution. The big display, DESFire and BLE technologies, and code options ensure a secure and efficient experience.

Security management 🔒

Easily manage security for multiple groups. Users can view what's armed and make changes with just one touch whether it's securing one group, multiple groups, activating night mode, or arming facility. It's all simple and straightforward.

  • Easy group management
  • Security mode of each group is available on the screen
  • Management of night mode and security mode of the entire system
AJAX KeyPad TouchScreen

Smart home control 📱

The keypad features a separate control tab for automation devices, with the capacity for up to 6 buttons. Groups simplify the process of controlling multiple automation devices: switches, relays, sockets, and others. For instance, users can assign all LightSwitches to one button and easily turn off all the lights in the entire house when they go to bed.

  • Separate tab for automation control
  • Up to 6 devices or groups of devices on one screen

AJAX KeyPad TouchScreen

Sound and malfunction notifications 📳

Stay always informed with the built-in buzzer, receiving notifications about alarms, door openings, and entry/exit delays. PRO can effortlessly adjust the sound volume on a smartphone or PC. Remain one step ahead with the keypad's malfunction notifications during arming.

  • Sound notifications about alarms and events
  • Instant malfunction notifications

AJAX KeyPad TouchScreen

Stable power under any conditions 🔋

Wire-free installation ensures a quick setup process for seamless operation. With Ajax apps providing low battery warnings, security will never be compromised.

  • Up to 1.5 years of operation from pre-installed batteries
  • Low battery warning
  • Replaceable AA batteries

AJAX KeyPad TouchScreen

External power supply + batteries 🔌

Ensure uninterrupted device operation by connecting to a 12V⎓ power supply unit for extended autonomy. Pre-installed batteries serve as a reliable backup.

  • Connection to a 12 V⎓ power supply unit
  • Pre-installed batteries as a backup power source

The 12 V⎓ power supply unit is not included in the KeyPad TouchScreen complete set.

AJAX KeyPad TouchScreen

Unique touch screen operation experience 🤩

A high-resolution screen accommodates all necessary controls, ensuring a visually stunning and high-quality image. With automatic brightness adjustment and sleek glass material, the product offers aesthetics and convenience.

  • 5-inch screen with a resolution of 480 × 854 px
  • Bright during the day, not dazzling at night
  • Screen protection against scrapes, scratches, etc.

Installation and set up 👨‍🔧

SmartBracket panel. No need to disassemble the enclosure to install the device. Channel raceway provides a secure 12 V⎓ cable fit

Ajax KeyPad TouchScreen