AJAX KeyPad Plus

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Wireless touch keypad supporting encrypted contactless cards and key fobs.

AJAX KeyPad Plus

The device activates the full security mode by pressing one button
If the robber tries to enter the code, a hidden alarm signal can be sent to the Central Monitoring Station
The keypad is blocked automatically if the incorrect code is entered too many times

Principle of operation ⚙️

The device operates security modes when a digital code is entered on the keypad. Indication notifies of current security status, problems with detectors or breakdown of communication with the hub.

Features 🚀

Alarm button is available. It notifies of each attempt to guess the password and blocks automatically if the permissible number of entries is exceeded.
Ajax KeyPad Plus

Contactless control without reliability compromises 🕹

KeyPad Plus is a combination of design, advanced encryption technology and elaborated user experience for the most straightforward and protected security management. Arm and disarm Ajax, activate Night Mode and manage specific groups with a Pass card or Tag key fob (Cards and key fobs are sold separately).

Top-tier data protection 🛡

To identify users quickly and securely, KeyPad Plus features the DESFire® technology. It is the best-in-class contactless solution to identify a user by card or key fob.

DESFire® is based on the ISO 14443 international standard and combines comprehensive 128-bit encryption and copy protection. This technology is also used in transportation systems of European capitals and access systems at NASA.

Ajax KeyPad Plus

Outstanding autonomy 🔋

The all-new KeyPad Plus firmware gets the most out of the pre-installed batteries. Even with daily use of the contactless identification function, the keypad will work for 3.5 years without replacing batteries. And with the card and key fob reader disabled, the battery life reaches 4.5 years. KeyPad Plus will warn a monitoring station and users in advance about the need to replace the batteries.

Ajax KeyPad Plus battaery

Remote access control 👨‍💻

Set up personal passcodes to know who and when disarmed the system: a username is displayed in the notification and in the event log. Pass or Tag can also be assigned to a specific user with defined permissions to control security of specific groups or the entire site. Ajax app allows you to manage access permissions in real time. You can limit, extend, or instantly block access.

Ajax KeyPad Plus

Adding users. Fast and easy. 💨

Ajax systems support up to 200 Tags or Passes (Depending on the hub model: Hub 2 — up to 50 users, Hub Plus — up to 99, Hub 2 Plus — up to 200). When adding them, you do not need to create Ajax accounts for new users, you just need to name a device and define access permissions. This makes it easier to delegate access to the system control to temporary employees or incoming staff.

Installation and set up 👨‍🔧

Ready to operate straight out the box: the battery is already installed, therefore there is no need to disassemble the keypad plus. With one click, it can be connected to the hub in the mobile application. It can be mounted on the SmartBracket in just a few minutes.

Ajax KeyPad Plus installation

Specifications 🤓

Keypad type

Capacitive touch keypad


Indoor only



Hub Plus, Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus, ReX with OS Malevich 2.11 and higher

Personal passcodes


Passcode guessing protection


Duress code


Contactless access


DESFire® EV1, EV2

ISO14443-А (13,56MHz)

Power supply



Batteries: 4 lithium AA (FR6)

Voltage 1.5V

Battery life: up to 4.5 years

Temperature sensor


Jeweller radio technology







Jeweller radio technology

Communication range with central unit — up to 1,700 m

Two-way communication between devices

Operating frequencies — 868.0–868.6 MHz5

Self-adjusting RF output power — up to 20 MW

Block encryption with a dynamic key

Ping period — 12–300 s





Jamming detection

Tamper notifications

Operating temperature range

From –10°C to +40°C

Operating humidity

Up to 75%


165 × 113 × 20 mm


267 g


EN 50131, complies with the requirements of the technical regulations for radio equipment

Complete set





KeyPad Plus

SmartBracket mounting panel

4 × АА batteries (pre-installed)

Installation kit

User guide