Ajax Fibra Transmitter

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Module for integrating one third-party wired detector into an Ajax system

Ajax Fibra Transmitter

Features 🚀  

  • Integration module for third-party wired device
  • Bidirectional
  • 2 wired inputs
  • Compatible with 15 different event types
  • NO, NC, EOL, 2EOL, 3EOL alarm inputs
  • Compatibility with third-party detectors with wired alarm output


Specifications 🤓

Brand Ajax Fibra
Safety grade Grade 3
Transmission distance Up to 2000 m (Recommended): twisted pair U/UTP cat. 5)
Bus connection 4 wire cable
Wired inputs 2 inputs
Operating mode Alarms or change arming modes
Types of events Intrusion, Fire, Medical aid, Panic button, Gas alarm, Tamper alarm, Malfunction, Flood, Glass breakage, High temperature, Low temperature, Masking, Duress code (opening), Vibration (seismic sensor), Customized
Alarm inputs NO, NC, EOL, 2EOL, 3EOL / Impulse or bistable
End-of-line resistor EOL From 1 kΩ to 15 kΩ with increments of 100 Ω
Cable length Up to 3 meters (when using a signal cable with a 0.22 mm² copper conductor)
Power supply output 10.5-15 V / up to 50 mA output (max.) for wired devices
Compatibility Compatible with Hub Hybrid (2G and 4G)
Power 24 V DC (Consumption up to 200 mA)
Temp. operation -10 ºC ~ 40 ºC
Dimensions 15 (H) x 40 (W) x 12.2 (D) mm


Technical data sheet

Package includes 📦

  • Ajax Transmitter Fibra
  • Accessory 5-pin cable
  • Quick start guide