Ajax Fibra Door Protect Plus

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Wired combined opening, shock and tilt detector with two reed switches and accelerometer

Ajax Fibra Door Protect Plus

Features 🚀  

  • The magnet can be installed to the right or left side of the detector (2 reed switches)
  • Terminals to connect a third-party NC detector
  • 5° to 25° vertical tilt / slope detection (applicable on vertical windows)
  • Vibration and bang detection
  • Fraud, jamming and tamper-resistant anti sabotage features

Specifications 🤓

Brand Ajax Fibra
Security grade Grade 3
Transmission distance Up to 2000 m (Recommended): twisted pair U/UTP cat. 5)
Bus connection 4 wire cable
LED indicators Alarm, tamper, signal
Additional detector connection Wired detectors with normally closed contact type (NC)
Power 24 V DC
Temp. operation -10º C ~ 40º C
Housing material ABS plastic
Magnet dimensions 90,5 (Al) × 21 (W) × 18,5 (D) mm


Technical data sheet

Package includes 📦

  • DoorProtect Plus Fibra
  • Big magnet
  • Small magnet
  • Installation kit
  • Quick start guide