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Wireless hold-up device

Ajax Double Button

The DoubleButton instantly transmits signals to the hub at a distance of up to 1,300 m. It allows users to raise silent or loud alarms. DoubleButton can be used to protect or control private homes, offices, supermarkets, shops, and banks. The device is easy to install on any surface and can be carried on a wrist or a necklace. It is protected from dust and splashes.

Up to 1300 m communication range
Accidental click protection

Ready to work out of the box for up to 5 years

No accidental presses 

To activate the alarm, you must simultaneously press both buttons. They are stiff and parted by a plastic barrier. These measures eliminate false alarms when carrying DoubleButton in a pocket or bag.Ajax DoubleButton

No unnecessary dispatches

DoubleButton supports confirmed alarms. This feature implies instructing users: what sequence of presses is required to generate a confirmed alarm condition. It gives a 100% guarantee that a hold-up alarm was raised intentionally and only by an authorized user.

PRO-technology solution for any object

DoubleButton meets the requirements of professional European security standards and can be used in both private and commercial properties. Wireless connectivity with the hub and long communication range gives freedom in placing and allows you to carry DoubleButton around.

Ajax DoubleButton
Ajax DoubleButton

Truly effortless maintenance ⚙️

The device body is resistant to temperature extremes, dust, and splashes. Buttons are designed for thousands of clicks. With a pre-installed battery lasting up to 5 years, DoubleButton does not require maintenance for a very long time.

Ajax DoubleButton

Seamless installation 👨‍🔧

Scan the QR-code using the Ajax app to register your Button. Then you can clip it on a key fob, wear on your neck, or adjust on a double-sided tape anywhere in a house, an office, or a store.

1) Scan the QR-code
2) Name your DoubleButton
3) Keep it close