Ajax PRO Desktop User Manual

Ajax PRO Desktop — is a computer application designed for administration of the Ajax security systems: configure and test detectors, manage access, monitor and process alarms.

PRO account

You need a PRO account to enter the Ajax PRO Desktop application. PRO account is different from the account created in the Ajax Security System application. If you have not previously registered in the PRO application, register an account, and then log in to the application.

👆🏻 When you create a PRO account, you can use the same email address and phone number as for regular Ajax account.

When the option Stay in system is enabled, the login and password are remembered by the application, so you will not need to re-enter your account after restarting the application.

Features of the main screen of the application

After logging in to your PRO account, you will encounter a window with a list of linked hubs. Unconnected hubs are marked with grey color.

The badge on the hub icon (red icon with a number) shows the total number of faults and security system events requiring attention.

Types of Ajax devices Events
  • Battery charge 17% or less
  • No external power
  • Tamper has been triggered
  • The noise level in the radio channel above -60
  • The SIM card is missing, defective, disabled or not operating properly
Detectors: security, fire, leakage
  • The device has lost connection with the hub
  • Tamper has been triggered
  • Battery charge less than 20%
  • Device temperature out of permissible range
  • The backup battery is exhausted, dust or malfunctioning of the FireProtect or FireProtect Plus smoke chamber has been detected
  • Battery charge less than 20%
Power management devices
  • The device has lost connection with the hub
  • Temperature or voltage protection has been triggered
  • WallSwitch, Socket current protection has been triggered
Integration modules
  • The device has lost connection with the hub
  • Accelerometer has been triggered
  • Alarm or tamper terminals remain in the state of alarm when the Transmitter is not armed

When you click the Refresh button, the application accesses the Ajax Cloud server and consequently updates the status and fault counters of the hubs connected to the account.

👆🏻 It takes approximately 1 minute to update the status of 1000 hubs.

The Search Field enables the finding of a specific hub among those connected to the PRO account.

The PRO Desktop application searches by hub name and ID. You do not need to confirm the input of the search query — the hubs corresponding to the query are shown as you type the text in.

The Add Hub button enables the linking of a new hub to a PRO account.

You can change the PRO account data through the settings menu: name, email address, phone number, set avatar and the SMS alerts language as well as log out of the account.

👆🏻 If necessary, SMS notifications regarding the events and alarms of the associated hubs can be sent to the PRO account phone number if this type of notification is enabled.

You can Report problem to the Ajax Systems support team and disable the storing application logs option through the Settings menu.

⚠️ Ajax does not recommend disabling logs as this information may be helpful in the event of errors in the operation of the application!

Security system menu 

The menu contains rooms, a list of devices, an alert feed, and facility security control buttons.

Click the Hubs button to return to the list of hubs linked to a PRO account.

The field displays the period of time when the PRO account has access to the hub settings. By clicking on the field, you can request access from the hub administrator for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours as well as permanent access. If the field is disabled, the PRO account possesses continuous access to the hub.

The field displays the current status of the security system. If you have the right to access the hub settings (refer to the previous paragraph), you can change the security system status, turn on Night Mode, and activate Panic Button by clicking on the field.

Security system settings

The Ajax PRO Desktop application enables the remote configuration of the hubs linked to the PRO account as well as the devices and video cameras connected to the hubs. In order to do this, go to the settings of the corresponding device:

Devices —> Device Name —> Settings(⚙️) 


In order to add hub users and manage their notifications, go to the Users menu.

Devices → Hub → Settings (⚙️) → Users

In order to provide a PRO account with access to the hub as well as to configure its notifications, go to the PRO menu.

Devices → Hub → Settings (⚙️) → PRO 

The address of the facility and its description are specified in the Address menu.

Location information can be specified by placing a mark on the map.

Devices → Hub → Settings (⚙️) → Address

Facility monitoring 

Monitoring is the functionality of the Ajax PRO Desktop application that enables the monitoring and processing of events of the hubs linked to the PRO account.

The monitoring window is invoked by clicking the Monitoring button on the main screen of the Ajax PRO Desktop application.

⚠️ In order for the Monitoring function to operate correctly, it is necessary to enable push notifications for the PRO account in the settings section of the administrable hubs.

Hub → Settings (⚙️) → PRO → PRO account settings (⚙️)

Monitoring is opened in a separate window without blocking other application functions. 

New events are displayed at the top of the feed. Events feed can filtered by type: alarms, faults, events, and security.

👆🏻 500 latest events are available in the feed from all hubs.

The alarms in the Events feed have three statuses:

New alarm

Read but unprocessed alarm

Processed alarm


Alarm handling

When an alarm is received from an associated hub, the Alarm handling menu is displayed in the Monitoring window. The appearance of the menu is accompanied with a “siren” sound.

If the Monitoring window is minimized, it expands over the entire screen on top of all windows if an alarm is received.

In order to go to the Alarm handling menu from the Monitoring window, double-click the alarm in the feed:

The Alarm Handling menu includes three blocks:

  1. The Alarm List of all hubs associated with the PRO account.
  2. Secured Object Info according to the alarm selected in the first block.
  3. An Event Journal of the hub selected in the Alarm List

The Alarm handling menu in the secured object info section displays the contacts of the hub users to facilitate prompt communication.

The drop-down list opens when you click on the field with information about user. By selecting a contact from the list, you will determine the Contact Name of the object.

👆🏻 The phone number is copied by clicking on the icon to the right of the number

In order to process the alarm, you need to change the status of the event: Mark As Readfirst and then Start work. Meanwhile, the corresponding fields of the Event Journal of the hub will indicate the time of reading and processing.

After reading or processing the event can be commented on. The maximum number of characters — 500.

In order to cancel alarm processing, go to the Alarm handling menu and click the Revokebutton — the alarm status will change and display as read and the alarm processing time record will be deleted from the Event Journal.


In order to return to the Monitoring window, click the cross button in the upper right corner of the Alarm handling menu.

How can the Ajax PRO Desktop application be obtained 

The Ajax PRO Desktop application is designed for 32- and 64-bit versions of the Windows 7/8/10 operating system. Minimum computer requirements:


CPU Intel / AMD 1.2 GHz
GPU 3D accelerator
ROM 400 Mb


👉🏻 Download Ajax PRO Desktop