AJAX Mobile Kit


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AJAX Mobile Kit consists of:
 - 1x Hub with pre-installed 12V PSU
 - 1x motion detector
 - 1x siren

Assists in protecting the entrance from break-ins through windows and doors
Sends alarms to the owner's smartphone and Central Monitoring Station via GSM

Is controlled using the mobile app

Principle of operation ⚙️

The sensing detector detects human presence after breaking the window or opening the door. The hub sends through mobile data notification of an alarm to the Central Monitoring Station (if connected) and the system owner's smartphone.

Features 🚀

The capabilities of the mobile kit are extended due to connecting remote control fob, glass break sensorautomation devices and using scenarios.

In van

Ajax protects all belongings inside your van. Connect the hub to a car or portable battery and feel safe at night time or while you are away.Ajax Motion Protect

In trailer

Ajax protects your home, even if it goes on wheels. Connect the hub to a car or portable battery, and let the security system travel with you.
Ajax Hub

On yacht

Insert a SIM card and connect the hub to the on-board network or battery so that Ajax always guards your boat at the pier.Ajax Hub

At warehouse

Use Ajax in premises lacking electricity or having an unstable power supply. A 12 V power supply unit allows connecting hubs and radio signal extenders to low-voltage networks or use a portable battery.
Ajax Hub

Installation and set up 👨‍🔧

The devices are installed within 30 minutes. The detectors are connected and set up using the mobile app and then mounted on the SmartBracket with screws or double-tape that comes with the kit.

Specifications 🤓

HUB Control Panel
Wireless Security Control Panel.
RF Frequency: 868.0-868.6 MHz. Jeweller Protocol.
Communication: Ethernet / GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
Maximum devices: 100.
Maximum groups: 9.
Number of users: Up to 50 users.
Housing material: ABS plastic.
Power supply: 8-20 V DC.
Temp. Operation: 0 ° C ~ +50 ° C.
Dimensions: 163 x 163 x 36 mm.
Weight 330 g.

Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector.
Technology: Volumetric PIR.
PIR lens: 24 zones and 6 planes.
Detection field: 12 m / H: 88.5º / V: 80º / Installation 2.4 m.
Pet immunity: ≤ 20 kg, ≤ 50 cm.
RF Frequency: 868.0-868.6 MHz. Jeweller Protocol.
Transmission distance: ≤ 1700 m (in open space).
Sensitivity: Adjustable. 3 levels (low, medium and high).
Indication LEDs: Alarm, tamper, signal.
Battery: 1 battery CR123A 3.0 V (approximately 7 years).
Temp. Operation: 0 ° C ~ +50 ° C.
Housing material: ABS plastic.
Dimensions (without stand): 110 x 65 x 50 mm.
Weights: 86 g.

Indoor Siren
Wireless siren with the sound volume up to 105 dB.
Transmission distance: ≤ 1700 m (in open space).
RF Frequency: 868.0-868.6 MHz. Jeweller Protocol.
Battery: 2 batteries CR123A 3.0 V (approximately 5 years).
Temp. Operation: 0º C ~ +50º C.
Housing material: ABS plastic.
Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 27 mm.
Weight: 96 g.

Package includes 📦

- Ajax Hub with pre-installed 12V PSU - 1 pc. Manual
- Ajax Wireless motion sensor - 1 pc. Manual
- Ajax Home Siren  - 1 pc. Manual
- Cigarette Socket Power cable - 1 pc.

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