What is Night Mode and how does it work?

Night mode -

What is Night Mode and how does it work?

Night Mode is an arming mode in which the user only arms part of the detectors.

Night Mode can work with opening, break, and motion detectors. Ajax disables Night Mode by default.

It is recommended to turn it on before going to bed to have peace of mind that no one will break into your home through a door or window while you’re sound asleep. With night mode on, you will still be able to move freely around your house.

To set up Night Mode for a detector in the Ajax app:

  1. Go to Devices and select the detector.
  2. Go to detector's settings.
  3. Activate Night Mode.

To activate Night Mode:

Using the Ajax app

In the Control tab activate Night Mode.

Using the SpaceControl key fob

ajax spacecontrol

Using KeyPad

Enter the code and press the Night Mode button.

Using KeyPad, you can arm the system or activate the night mode without entering the password. To do that, go to KeyPad settings and turn on Arming without Password.

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